Monday, July 31


Tux the Slut

How is it the rubber penguin gets more schwag at OSCON than any of us supposedly-sentient creatures? What's worse, he scored it all on the second day when all the good stuff is supposedly gone. He just cruised around on his little toy truck raking in the loot.


Thursday, July 20

Mental note ...

... try not to gape like a fish the next time Stuart Cohen looks at me in a meeting and says, "So what can we do to help you with the project?"

I'd just been asked to sit in on a high-level meeting that my boss was going to be presenting at. I was prepared to answer questions about the details of the project, but that totally blindsided me. I don't even remember what I said in response. I hope it was good.

Sunday, July 16

Bay Leaf

So we tried a new restaurant on 49th & Division yesterday: Bay Leaf.


It's not clear from the outside what sort of restaurant it is. The sign just says "vegetarian restaurant." It turned out to be very nice Asian place with a creative and very tasty menu. We had some tasty veggies with noodles in a sort of chow-mein style, eggplant and garlic in a kung-pao style sauce (both of which were delightful) and the surprise winner: battered fried mushrooms on a fresh cabbage-basil base. The tea was very nice and it came out in a beautiful artistic teapot (they had a tea list like most places have wine lists).

Oh my that was tasty. We're definitely going back!