Thursday, January 31

In Fair Glendale, the Bard's Super Bowl Play

Oh my, was this an amusing way to wake up in the morning:

In Fair Glendale, the Bard's Super Bowl Play

Listen to the audio. The transcribed version doesn't do Sylvia Poggioli's performance justice.

TRP, for some reason this made me think of you. My apologies. ;-)

Monday, January 14

Two thoughts

This past weekend prompted two thoughts:

  1. Flying in at oh-dark-thirty on Saturday, attending multiple family events (including a wake with 100+ people), and flying out late Sunday night produces a Monday morning feeling remarkably similar to an all-weekend party binge. One gets to pay the price without having the fun that would have gone with it.

  2. California still sucks. If anything it sucks more now than it did 20 years ago.

Thursday, January 10

Fair warning

Should anyone I know decide this is a good idea, prepare to be shunned after being mocked mercilessly:

Click through on the image and you can see the whole book. It's fascinating in a train-wreck sort of way.

Yes, it really is a real product from Microsoft. And yes, I might just have go all Gordon Freeman on it with a crowbar should I lay eyes upon it in your home.

Wednesday, January 9

As if there's any doubt ...

... why the US is hated by so much of the world.

(EDIT: apologies to any of you that saw an offensive pornographic image instead of the one above. Apparently the source of the image was replaced after I posted it here. Thanks to TRP for letting me know about it.)