Wednesday, January 9

As if there's any doubt ...

... why the US is hated by so much of the world.

(EDIT: apologies to any of you that saw an offensive pornographic image instead of the one above. Apparently the source of the image was replaced after I posted it here. Thanks to TRP for letting me know about it.)


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  2. If the photo is non-altered, that's one asshole soldier. But I'd argue the reason we're hated is less that this guy's an asshole as the fact that we effing invaded the country to begin with.

    Let's not forget that the guy in this photo represents us too.

    It's not enough, but it's something.

  3. Apparently it's the day for image replacement ... I assume you meant to link to this?

    Agreed. There are far more good men and women like Chief Master Sgt. Gebhart wearing US armed forces uniforms in Iraq than there are people like the person responsible for the image I posted. The problem is it only takes one or two people like Lt. William Calley or Lynndie England or Charles Graner to undo all the good the others do.