Tuesday, April 29

Oh, shit

Just found out (through a bizarre non-family roundabout path involving a random LinkedIn e-mail) that my sociopath brother is moving to the Albany/Corvallis area this summer.

When I heard a while back that he was working for the Feds as a mine safety inspector in Colorado, the first thing that came to mind astonishment that the guy who was "off the grid" growing pot and living on a platform in some tree for much of the '90s is working for "The Man". The second thing that came to mind was the - apparently more salient - relief that there weren't any mines in Oregon. There was little chance I'd have to deal with him at all beyond the rare family gathering where we could remain on opposite sides of the room and pretend the other didn't exist. Apparently I was mistaken. He's headed for some gravel mine in the Willamette Valley.

Pardon me while I get this out of my system - Why the FUCK does he have to choose here of all places! There are 49 other goddamn states that probably have mines somewhere for him to work in but he has to end up in my own fucking back yard!

Maybe he's miraculously sprouted a conscience in the past 15 years. Maybe he's learned that people are not merely tools to be used and discarded when no longer useful. Maybe he's finally discovered he really does have empathy for others. Perhaps he is no longer the amoral, manipulative, abusive monster he was in his teens and twenties.

Then why do I have this sinking feeling we're going to be investigating restraining orders at some point?