Friday, September 2

Photos from hell

Like so many people I know, I get most of my news from NPR & Morning Addiction on my alarm clock in the mornings. This week I've been feeling like I'm waking up and being run over by the same horrible truck every morning. Human nature being what it is, I can't stop laying there listening to a city descend into anarchy with that sick sense of fascination. Since I tend not to watch TV news and don't subscribe to a newspaper, up until now I've missed the visuals. Productivity-wise (and "I want to keep my job"-wise), that is probably a good thing since I am an intensely visually stimulated person (I can't be in a room with a TV on without looking at it, no matter what's on it) - once I get started I simply can't stop compulsively looking. This morning, I stumbled. I read about a blog being posted by the staff in a data center in New Orleans. Blog. Words. Safe for myself to look at. So I looked. Uh oh. Link to pictures. Can't stop myself. Click.

This picture of a man after being stuck in the Superdome for five days really spoke to me. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice. Click on it to see the full rez version and I think you'll see what I mean.

OK, guilty obsession temporarily satisfied. Now go help him and his fellow New Orleaneans (and Mississippians and Alabamans and ....) here. Contribute. Volunteer. Anything, as long as it's something.