Thursday, November 17

On a roll today

A co-worker was saying this would be a timely cartoon and I feel compelled to share it:

A man comes upon another man wrestling with a tangled rope.

Man1: What'cha doin?
Man2: Tying a noose.
Man1: How come?
Man2: Someone's getting hanged.
Man1: Oh yeah? Who?
Man2: [shrugs]

The first man turns to another man who is watching.

Man2: Do you know who's gonna be hanged?
Man3: [points and Man1] He is.

(Image courtesy of Google Images and is merely as a visual aid .. I have no clue who this guy really is or why he is tying a noose.)

Yeah, that's about how we all feel. "Here, work on this project that will, at its successful completion, include you being laid off."


  1. haha, wow. that photo is from my site.

    the reason for the knot... my gf got me this book on knots. so i set it out on the coffee table with a rope. people that come to my house now tie lots of knots.

    and the noose was used for our friend chad, and a teddy bear.

  2. Aha! Sounds like a much more entertaining coffe table book than the typical huge book full of glossy pictures that nobody looks at.

    Regardless, thanks for the use of the image. It was simply too perfect. :-)