Saturday, June 3


This weekend I put in the final work for my revious employer. When I left, I agreed to be available this weekend to move some of my critical servers over into their new home in the new data center. Given the nature of the servers and the effect it would have had on the lives of the thousands of people who use them every week for legal hearings, I couldn't in good conscience just walk away. It didn't cost me anything (they kept me on the payroll), so I volunteered.

Along with my gear, there were several other multimedia systems that needed to be moved as well. So we marched on up to the old machine room, pulled them all out of the racks and loaded them up in the cars. About halfway through the loading, a thought occurred to us: we were loading in excess of $600,000 worth of equipment into a beat up old 1989 Subaru wagon that might have been worth $400 on a good day.

The contents of the vehicle were worth 1500 times as much as the vehicle itself.

I'm sure there's some poetic or metaphorical phrase I could throw in here, but my brain is so much swiss cheese at this point - I've working 24 out of the past 36 hours. What I do know is that we found that exceedingly funny at the time (midnight last night).

I'm going to go start drinking now.

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