Friday, August 29

What are they thinking?

Sen. McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate is baffling. Is he really so clueless as to think that Gov. Palin can just step in and take over for Sen. Clinton in the eyes of the voters who supported her during the primary election?

I find it highly condescending that the Republicans thing she can presumptuously claim the votes of Clinton's followers just because she doesn't have a Y chromosome. Palin's politics and philosophy are 180 degrees opposed to Clinton's. She's a right-wing fundamentalist with a pretty face - a perfect "trophy wife" to stand next to McCain and parrot whatever her wingnut handlers give her. It's an insult to the intelligence of Clinton supporters like me to think they're interchangeable.

I'd like to think the voters are smart enough to see the difference, but I've also been told "We're supposed to vote against X, aren't we? The TV told us so." So who is going to turn out in November? The voters who are intelligent enough to look beyond the superficial or the voters who do what the TV tells them to do?


  1. That was my first thought too, but the more I think about it the more I think his selection is a clear statement that he thinks the voters he is MORE likely to get are religious right nutjobs, rather than the fiscal conservatives.

    Also, I am profoundly worried about the American public's ability to not simply vote for the beauty queen.

  2. The one thing which occurs to me is that there might be a body of conservative-leaning women who don't vote, and might be motivated to the polls by seeing that it's OK to be a woman and a Republican. I don't know how big that group is, but it looks like new voters are going to be a big deal.

  3. Joe: that's an interesting point I hadn't considered.