Tuesday, September 16

If this is strong ....

So, Sen. McCain, do you read the New York Times? What about the Wall Street Journal? Or watch or listen to just about any broadcast news source? Apparently not, since just this morning you were on the stump claiming the "foundations of the economy are strong".


Then you were claiming we need to end the "greed" of the financial markets. Umm, Senator? Just what do you think the incentive is in capitalism? I'll give you two guesses. And the first one doesn't count.

I won't even try to properly address the hypocrisy of a nominee from the party whose policies have proven time and time again sided with corporate interests and maximizing profit over healthy and sustainable business practices.

Sen. Obama, thank you for introducing a new term to this debate: "trickle-up". Instead of profits trickling down from the boardrooms to the rest of us, the economic disaster down here is trickling up and hurting the corporate giants.

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