Tuesday, October 28

An interesting scenario

In light of Sen. Stevens' conviction, a scenario comes to mind:

  1. Sen, Stevens wins re-election - not as unlikely as one might think. Remember that Alaskans love their pork and the Senator has been bringing home the bacon for 40 years.

  2. The Senate gets together and summarily boots his felonious keester out of the Capitol.

  3. Alaska holds a special election to dill the empty Senate seat. #1 likely candidate? A certain popular power-hungry Alaska governor.

  4. Sarah Palin joins her (no-longer?) best pal John McCain in a Democratically-dominated Senate.

Yeah, yeah. I know there are a lot of "if"s in that, but I don't think it's all that unlikely.


  1. Or if Stevens retires sometime after winning re-election, she can just appoint herself to fill his seat.

    Which is probably even more unlikely, but as long as we're speculating wildly.

  2. Oh, I'm entirely wrong: there's laws in Alaska preventing the governor from appointing a senator to fill a vacant seat. There's just special elections.