Saturday, February 25

More Strip Jeopardy

Went to No Fish Go Fish last night with A and Swankette. Ended up staying for Strip Jeopardy - why not? We had a nice comfy table, tasty drinks, and didn't feel like braving the cold outside to head home. Sorry, TRP. I had a Froo Froo drink in your honor.

My how things have changed since the last time. Certainly more skin showing since last year. Far more.

Style points for the one female contestant for the creative use of a couple of strategically-placed Band-Aid 'X'es. But Mr. Bond-Wannabe in the matador hat, even though we were willing to give you style points for the shoulder holster and sock garters early on ... next time take off the bow tie instead of your skivvies. Please.

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  1. Your even mentioning it gives me the heebie jeebies.