Sunday, June 26

Hats off!

Hats off to Marjorie from the Portland Mercury, Toto from the Oregon Bus Project, and Lauren the intern from NARAL for taking off their hats (and a whole lot more) for a good cause at tonight's NARAL benefit at No Fish! Go Fish!'s Strip Jeopardy!

TRP, Swankette, Al and I all dropped in for a bit of fun. Raunchily entertaining. Good drinks, and entertaining staff. On Strip Jeopardy nights, much more entertaining. They play Strip Jeopardy every Friday night but tonight was a special case - a benefit for NARAL. Cover charge and bar profits go to the organization.

You see, one of the owners apparently has this thing about Alex Trebek. They came up with a game where he dresses up in a jacket and bow tie and has three volunteers come up to answer questions. Through a complicated set of rules, not enough right answers cause the players to lose articles of clothing. Double Jeopardy involves "Alex" removing clothing if the player gets the right answer. The players are given a hat. The rules are that the player may choose to take off clothing until they no longer feel comfortable taking anything else off, at which point they have to take off their hat and bow out of the competition - but they have to stay up at the bar in their current state of undress until the game is over. Toto "won" when Marjorie took off her hat and conceded, but I think she earned the win for staying in the game far longer (with far more ... er ... off the top) than anyone expected. Sorry, Toto. The red white and blue jockey shorts and the dancing on the bar were both fabulous, but Marjorie's dedication wins out in my book. Bravo for going the extra miles for a great cause, Marjorie!

Now, for you non-Portlanders out there, the Portland Mercury (who was well-represented in tonight's game by one of their editors - Marjorie) has a bit of a reputation regarding reproductive rights. One of the more humorous newspaper covers I've seen in a while was on their newsstands this spring. The cover was a letter sent out by a radical anti-abortion group "threatening" to put organizations that support Planned Parenthood on a "Boycott List". Oh no ... don't throw me in that briar patch!

The Cover:

The Letter:
Whoops! I guess they don't want us to see it.

Due to the serious nature of the problems that can arise by the dissemination of inaccurate information and since frequent changes are made to The Boycott List, it is copyrighted by Life Decisions International and all rights are reserved. The Boycott List may not be reproduced, altered, or placed on the Internet, in whole, or in part.

The Editorial:

We have struggled long and hard to provide corporate and moral support to Planned Parenthood, and until now, it felt like no one had even noticed. But now that the Portland Mercury is featured in The Boycott List, we can shove it in the face of all those other liberal organizations, and say, "You think you love abortion? Well… look at THIS! We reaaaaaaaalllly love abortion!"

The Bluster from the Fundies:

As previously noted, a company is not added to The Boycott List unless its chief executive refuses to make Planned Parenthood ineligible for support in the future. LDI sends a letter requesting that Planned Parenthood receive no more funding along with information about Planned Parenthood to every chief executive, even if we believe there is no chance he or she will end the philanthropic practice. Take, for example, The Portland Mercury, a “newspaper” of the radical left, which used a photograph of LDI’s letter to the publication (signed by LDI President Douglas R. Scott) on the front page of the “newspaper.” In fact, LDI’s letter was the front page! William Steven Humphrey, editor of The Portland Mercury, printed his response to LDI’s letter in the same edition (the following may include extreme profanity and/or other highly offense text):

(Emphasis is theirs)

They then go on to print the Mercury's full letter verbatim.


WASHINGTON, April 20 /Christian Wire Service/ -- The Corporate Funding Project (CFP) is the primary means by which Life Decisions International (LDI) challenges the funding of the world's leading pro-abortion entity. The chief component of the CFP is a boycott of corporations that fund Planned Parenthood.

LDI policy states that no company may be added to The Boycott List until its chief executive officer has been given a change to stop funding Planned Parenthood. In order to afford business leaders such an opportunity, LDI sends a letter to asking that their confirmed support of Planned Parenthood cease. Accompanying the letter is information about Planned Parenthood's agenda. The letter and information are sent to every company that has been identified as a supporter of the abortion-committing group, even when it is highly unlikely that the chief executive officer will have a change of heart and agree to stop supporting the group with corporate dollars.

Take, for example, The Portland Mercury, a weekly publication of the radical left in Portland, Oregon. William Steven Humphrey, editor of the publication, placed a photograph LDI's letter on the front page of the weekly. He also published a response to LDI's letter in the same edition. It was titled, "Boycott Us…Please!"

Yet again, the full text of the letter is published verbatim.

The Last Laugh:

TO OUR READERS: Last week the Mercury printed a letter on our cover from Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International. In the letter, Mr. Scott warned the Mercury that we should stop supporting Planned Parenthood, or risk being picketed and placed on their "Boycott List." Naturally, we told them to cram it up their ass.

I love Portland.

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