Tuesday, June 14

They call this "love"?

I am speechless at the cruelty our society is capable of. I really don't know what to say, so I'll just post the sources and let them say it.

Zach's blog
Zach in Bartlett, Tennessee
Love in Action: Brainwashing camp for gay kids


  1. This is just awful... and happening right here where I live, in Memphis, TN (this poor teenager lives in a neighboring suburb).

  2. Hey! That's right. And here I was thinking I didn't know anyone in TN ...

    Please tell me that the rest of Memphis is not as bad as these horrible fanatics. The only other person I've ever known from Memphis is a super-nice guy so I'm hoping you and he are the norm there and not these abusive hateful bastards.

    They say they're making local news. Have you seen anything about it anywhere locally?

  3. Wow, a gay camp.

    It sounds to me like a camp full of gay kids would be the last thing these parents would want to expose their kid to.

    It would be like my parents sending me to a camp full of latina porn stars.

  4. Well, I'm probably not the best person to ask, because I don't really associate much with native Tennesseans. (There are Bush stickers on an insanely high proportion of cars here, and there are megachurches all over the place. Scary.) I'm lucky enough to work with colleagues from all over the world, so my exposure to small-minded individuals is very limited.

    Shelby County (where Memphis is) is a blue county, by the way. One can only imagine what the red counties in Tennessee are like.

  5. we have all been saddened and outraged at the hate pouring from this camp. they dont love people they literally hate them and in turn brainwash them into believing they are not good enough the way they are. i am pleased to say that the state of TN has decided to investigate the goings on at this camp, especially for child abuse in some form. it has also been reported that the institution did not have proper licensing from the state. let's all hope and pray this facility gets shut down with no hope of reopening.