Wednesday, June 29

Google Earth rocks!

Holy cow!

I'd played with the Keyhole stuff back when they first released it. Fun toy but not really useful. Last night I downloaded Google Earth. Pretty. Very pretty. And useful, too! I plugged in Kaphine's and RealSuperGirl's address (gotta see where we're going for the wedding!) and our hotel address. Not only did it give simple, clear step by step directions, but it gave a literal fly-through (yes, the image really does go zooming along like you're in a helicopter or airplane) of the route from aerial/satellite photos. The images are clear enough that I could actually see and will be able to easily recognize each intersection/turn.

Stunning eye candy for a visual junkie like me that's useful, too! Sadly, it's 'Doze only right now. Hopefully Google will rectify that soon.

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