Monday, June 27

Compulsively clicking

So the civil union bill was supposed to be in front of the Oregon Legislature today. I find myself compulsively clicking around the Legislature's web site looking for any information. I hit the streaming audio for the House chamber just in time to hear the gavel and someone say "... adjourned until 8:30am ..." Arrgh!

I'm in the dark here! Someone tell me it passed already!


  1. Because SB1000 is back in it's full glory the vote is not today. It will be this week though.

    More? Gay Rights Watch

  2. Whew. I was worried that I hadn't heard anything.


  3. Last I heard, it got out of committee 3-2, but hadn't hit the Senate floor yet

  4. Sure you know... tomorrrow we will have a vote on SB1000. Rumor is abouut 9am - but there are 24 speaches (out of 30 Senators) that will be made. Some for, some against. Should be interesting. I'll have my laptop down there and even though the wireless is spotty in the Capitol, I'll be a-bloggin'! I'll also make sure to take notes on what the crazies say and what the supporting speaches are all about.

    Have a great night - and an even better Friday!!

    -Bryan H.
    Gay Rights Watch