Wednesday, May 17

Thank you vote by mail!

I heard a bit about a new security flaw in the Diebold touchscreen voting machines a few days ago, but I didn't really look that closely at it at the time. After all, we don't use the Diebold systems in our vote-by-mail system here in Oregon. Now that our election is past, I took a look at this article:

"[a BlackBoxVoting security expert] was able to--from the keyboard that appears on the machine--create a macro that doesn't even show up that you created it, go and pickup a program through the modem, and run it," [Emery County, Utah clerk and auditor Bruce] Funk said during an interview with SecurityFocus from his home in Clawson, Utah. "I was thinking that this was not right."

Wait a second. A poll worker primed with the knowledge of a few filenames and instructions could, in a few minutes, load whatever software he or she wanted on a voting machine using nothing but the built-in hardware?

Holy voter fraud, Batman!

Thank you vote by mail! May Diebold never cross the Oregon state line.

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