Friday, August 17

Garbage fairies?

There is a running joke in our household about the "laundry fairies". You know, the ones who go around washing and folding the laundry when you're not looking? Close cousins to the "kitchen fairies". Yeah, those. Well, they seem to be on strike in our household. I thought we were paying nice union scale wages, but apparently they disagree. Either that or they don't like the nonfat milk we put out with the cookies and want whole instead.

Regardless, apparently there are now garbage fairies, too. Who'd'a thunk it? I got into work this morning, sat down at my desk and started hacking away. At some point mid-morning I looked down and noticed something new not two inches from my left foot - a little black garbage can. See, my office was a bit ... bare ... when I first moved in. There was a desk. And nothing else. No chair, no garbage can, nothing. So the chair thing needed to be fixed immediately, since it's rather hard to reach the keyboard drawer standing up, but the lack of a garbage can wasn't a great inconvenience. I never thought to pick one up except when sitting at my desk, so I'd been sans wastebasket for some time.

I am convinced the garbage fairies, offended that I might be avoiding them, snuck into my office this morning and placed a handy little wastebasket next to my foot where I couldn't help but notice their helpful hint.

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  1. It doesn't get personal until they leave things like deoderant or mints. So far, they seem friendly.