Monday, August 27

Bye bye 'Bertie!

So long Mr. Gonzales, I can't say my civil liberties will miss you.

When John Ashcroft was first appointed I never would have thought we could have a worse Attorney General than the guy who could lose an election to a dead man. Of course, I also thought to myself after the 2000 Presidential election, "It can't be that bad, how much damage can one man do in four years?" I suppose I should thank Mr. Gonzales for correcting my error much like his boss did.

One has to wonder, however, if this is purely to get him (and Carl Rove) out of the public eye far enough ahead of the upcoming elections in the hope that the notoriously-fickle voting public will forget just how badly the current junta has mangled our government?


  1. When bad people are forced to resign, I tend to be cynical that their leaving will actually change much. I think that is especially true of Karl Rove, who is now free to roam around the country making mischief in myriad ways.

    And, yeah, voters have short memories for all things political, even if names like "Rove" and "Gonzales" actually flash on their radar.

  2. Hopefully Rove and Gonzales will be relegated to the lecture circuit. There the only people listening to them will be the ones who have already drunk the Kool-Aid and are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for tickets to a lecture that will do nothing but tell them what they have already been told to (and want to) believe.