Wednesday, September 5

Home maintenance, choose your weapon

I was doing some electrical wiring in the still-unfinished part of our basement this weekend. As I pulled a chunk of romex over the exposed support beam above my head, I heard a scraping sound briefly from the top of the beam. I felt something sharp bounce off the top of my head and clatter on the floor with a metallic "ping!".

A rusty old straight razor sans handle.

Yikes! Fortunately, the non-sharp end hit my head. Still, it was a bit unsettling to look down to see a three inch straight razor blade. It appears to have been there quite some time, possibly since the original owner (ca. 1926). It seems to me to be a rather odd place to stash one's razor, though - on top of one of the two major beams that supports the main floor.

It could be worse ... our neighbors found a ca. 1900 revolver inside a wall when they ripped the plaster off for a remodel.

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  1. Sweet. I found some cool toys in our crawl space, along with a Lucky Lager bottle from '56 and a really old gin bottle. Every time I puncture an old wall, I hope to find something cool like a vintage pistol, or a stash of moonshine.