Wednesday, December 7

Carb Fest '05!

That's right - it's time once again to stop and reflect on the glory of Stuffed French Toast.

We look back on the things that have happened since the last Carb Fest and can truly say what an exciting trip it has been! Just for a sampler . . . Kaphine and RSG got married, FINALLY!!! Swankette and TRP got married (an entirely different FINALLY), Das Father-in-Law turned into the Story Tellin' Road Warrior, we learned that BDMama's little card shark does a pretty mean Fan Dance, Oberst Holzkopf is going to be the next sexy man in uniform, StormyBlueEyez is hot trottin' it to a book deal, and SQDancer has started swimming lessons for the cats.

Whew! And that's just a few of the highlights! You'll have to come in person to find out the rest.

Somehow, we had a record 45 carb-lovin' friends last year! We aren't really sure where we put you all, but we were so glad to see all of you. The more the merrier! We assure you, there will be more Stuffed French Toast, more hot buttered rum batter, more baked brie (and this year A will pull off *both* the labels before baking it), more teacakes, more gingerbread, more Nanaimo bars, more spiced cider, and for those need to indulge in the friends but not the carbs, more fresh vegetables. :)

Here's the scoop:

Sunday, December 18 (always the Sunday before Christmas)
10:30 AM until much later that day - stop by any time and stay for
however long you please
Stroll up Peacock Lane after 6:30
Bring your neighbors, friends, family, children
RSVP by e-mail to let us know if you think you might make it and how
many you might bring

I'm starting to believe that if we could just serve Stuffed French Toast in the White House things might start to look more optimistic for the ordinary citizen. If we could just serve Stuffed French Toast in Iraq there might be a real chance at peace. You just can't come to Carb Fest and feel bad about anything. :) So please come and indulge.


  1. Okay, I'll bite (so to speak): what is it stuffed *with*?

    ...damn, that sounds naughty. I should probably be ashamed of myself, but mostly I'm just amused.

  2. Heh. A horribly-fattening concotion of cream cheese, vanilla, spices, and nuts.

    As far as the "ashamed" part ... come on now, I know you're more enlightened than that!