Friday, December 16

Help the Oregon Food Bank

Got this today in my e-mail. Considering I've been out shopping for CarbFest '05 all morning, I can't in good conscience not do something ...

This is to alert you the local food shortage for 
poverty-stricken families, children, and single men and
women due to the empty shelves at the Oregon Food Bank.
Please send your donation checks, which can stretch their
food dollars due to buying at wholesale and deeply reduced
prices, to:

Oregon Food Bank
P.O. Box 55370
Portland, OR 97238

The Oregon Food Bank's shelves were emptied due to the need
to provide food and other basic necessities for those
fleeing the devastation caused by hurricanes Katrina and
Rita. Therefore, I am asking you to forward this email to
your extended family members, friends, neighbors and
business associates, calling for a matching $20 donation
that I have made, or more from each person or couple.

Others have matched my donation--but more is needed. Let's
do everything that we can to help those in need here in the
Greater Portland area and in Oregon. And, someday, that same
help will be available for you, if you are in need. We never
know when disaster will strike.

Bless you, for helping the Oregon Food Bank. I wish you a
happy and healthy holiday season and my best wishes to you
and your loved ones throughout the coming year.


Adrianne Page
WHALE Co-Chair

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