Monday, December 19

Carb Fest '05

... was a great success! Even if it did ice up and snow and cause the entire third shift (the afternoon bunch) of carb-stuffing fiends to call and deliver their regrets. So what if it did fill up our living room overnight with out-of-towners who decided that discretion is the better part of valor and sleeping on the couch is perfectly valorous.

Events of note:
Hide and seek is rather difficult in a house that has only three interior doors behind which to hide (one of which being the bathroom).
One's vehicle when parked in the driveway makes an excellent refrigerator.
Nothing clears out a living room like the appearance of outdoor frozen dihydrogen oxide.
Sometimes even a normal-sized Christmas tree can have a much larger than expected trunk.
Fred Meyer does not stock Christmas tree stands the Sunday before Christmas.

Thank you to all the longtime attendees as well as the first-timers for braving the elements and filling out house with happiness, laughter, and wildly-gyrating blood sugar stupor. It was delightful and, frankly, daunting to see we have so many friends (and so little space for them all)!

Anyone want some leftovers? We seem to have a bit of extra food left ...


  1. I'd take a shipment of hot buttered rum batter!

  2. It was great fun, for the 20 minutes or so we were there before the ice/snow hit. Here's to better weather next year!

  3. Kaphine, darling, do you really want a repeat of the Great FedEx French Toast Debacle of 2004?

  4. but hot buttered rum mix wouldn't be as scary.