Saturday, January 28

Ain't technology cool?

Oh, how far the world has come ...

So we had a small earthquake this evening. Piddling little thing, less than 5 seconds long, 2.9 magnitude. A pointed me at this site for the details. Hmm. Epicenter is 1km east of Portland. So I fed the latitude and longitde into Google Maps

31st and E Burnside? Dang that is close by.

And I found it from my little desk here in the basement within minutes of the actual quake. Amazing.


  1. That anti-IE moving STOP sign reminds me of the BLINK command I criminally misused on my first homepage.

  2. Err ... that means you must be using IE, since only IE browsers can see it.

    Naughty naughty, Svejk.