Sunday, January 15

My new favorite breakfast

Sunday is generally grocery shopping day here in Chez PDX. So as A and I were laying in bed this morning listening to This American Life on the radio we pondered the consequences of visiting Trader Joe's and Limbo prior to dining. The effect on our budget, of course, would be too horrible to countenance, so we dawdled under the warm blanket and warmer cat and considered our options in light of the fact that cupboard was bare and we were hungry. There is no dearth of excellent breakfast places along Hawthorne and Belmont, but they are all notorious for long lines on weekend mornings. No good. Then it popped into my head that No Fish! Go Fish! had started to serve breakfast a while ago. We'd just never managed to make it down there past Cup & Saucer, Utopia, Cricket Cafe, Hawthorne Street Cafe, Zell's ... well, you get the picture.

Hmm ... our favorite place for dinner and cocktails, entertainment, as well as a fantastically-good inexpensive lunch. Pretty high standards - breakfast has got to be good.


No wait whatsoever. This American Life was still playing on the speakers in the kitchen and dining room. The expected excellent service (as usual). And (this was the clincher) savory rosemary foccacia french toast with hollandaise and roasted vegetables.

Oh. My.

I'm a big french toast fan. As many of you know I have a colossal sweet tooth, so nothing satisfies me better than a plate full of carbs saturated in fat drowning in maple syrup. MMMM. I've devoured french toast prepared more ways than I could possibly count. Thick. Thin. Soft. Crisp. Stuffed. Orange. But this was different. I'd never had a savory, non-sweet french toast before.

I have now. I think I'm in love.

It just plain works. The savory vegetables and foccacia - fried in egg batter of course (sorry TRP) - liberally graced with rich yellow hollandaise. It was SO good!

I know several of you out there are breakfast fiends (this means you pankleb). Get over to No Fish! Go Fish! next weekend, order a fresh-squeezed mimosa (you know you want one, according to the menu) and enjoy one of the best breakfasts in town.

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  1. Out of all the foods my egg allergy has driven from my life, I miss French Toast the most. Sounds mighty tasty.