Thursday, January 12

Google Clips

Ahh, Google. You make brilliant stuff, but this is not one of your better days. Your "AdSense" thing isn't making much, well, sense when it pops up recipies for Spam when I open up my spam folder.


Good thing it only serves one, I couldn't imagine who would serve "Ginger Spam Salad" to another human being ...


  1. Don't let Kaphine see that... she once wanted to make a recipie for a tuna salad jello mold, and I know she eats spam.

  2. I thought it was cute that Google offered Spam recipies when I opened my spam folder.

    And, anyway, I've agreed not to cook meat at home. I didn't expect the tuna/jello recipie to be good, I just wanted to try it for novelty's sake.

  3. What! Where's the heaping cup of hate for Google that I'm seeing at all the other wingnut sites? C'mon Grigor, did David Reinhard get soused on kitchen sherry again and break the phone tree?