Saturday, March 19

Advance Directive

There are far more eloquent and numerous out there regarding the tragic disaster surrounding Terri Schiavo in Florida. I won't try to comment any further than saying that I am thoroughly and completely disgusted by the so-called "Religious Right" and their callous opportunistic seizure of this woman's life (and death) for their own astoundingly-selfish political reasons. The sheer colossal gall of it is revolting to me. In response I have a few important points:

  1. SHAME on you, Congress. Your actions have been despicable and beneath contempt. How DARE you meddle in this woman's life like this? What ever happened to the conservative standard of getting government "meddling" out of the average citizen's life? Or does that only apply to CEOs and big donors?

  2. I voted for Death With Dignity. Twice. If I am terminally ill, no damn political hack with an axe to grind in D.C. is going to tell me whether I get to live in suffering or die in peace. I firmly believe my mother, when she was in the last stages of her battle with cancer, came to Oregon specifically so that she could die in a state that was willing to let her choose when and how she died.

  3. Every single court has sided with Ms. Schiavo's husband. Every single one. Think about that. The blatant desire to discard or ignore huge parts of the Constitution by the Florida Legislature, Governor Jeb Bush, Congress, and the current administration is a deplorable example of a triumph of rhetoric and neo-conservative fundamentalist dogma over the supreme law of the land and basic human rights. Of course, the extreme right has been doing its best to force their morality upon us and deprive us all of even the most basic human and civil rights.

  4. Everyone ... and I mean you ... should have an Advance Directive. Get one. Now. I'm guilty of postponing it far too long. I've downloaded one and am filling it out before it's too late.

  5. Al knows this. Just about anybody who knows me knows this. But I want to be unequivocally clear: If I'm terminally ill or permanently unconscious, pull the goddamn plug.


  1. Ok, so when are they going to advocate for state's rights again?

  2. When it conveniently serves their purposes again, of course!

  3. Well stated, as usual (and certainly with less invective than I managed). The behavior of these brainwashed Cult-of-Life zealots regarding this case is nothing less than a disgusting partisan spectacle.

  4. Thank you for the compliment, Brett.

    I firmly believe that using invective (as you put it ... I love that word) mostly just distracts from the real debate. However, this issue seems to hit too close to home and I'm having a hard time resisting a descent into scatological fulmination.

    Whew. Made it through another post without cussing. :-)

    By the way, can you forgive me for being an unabashed omnivore? My wife is a vegetarian, but I simply can't seem to shed some of my atavistic dietary traits.