Thursday, March 24

Gunner Palace

I heard about this film from TofuCactus last night: Gunner Palace.

It looks like a fascinating film. I wonder if I can find where it's playing in town ...

For some reason this clip of the soldier playing a Hendrix-like rendition of The Star Spangled Banner made a really powerful impression on me.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Actually, I am from the pacific northwest. I live down the corridor from you in Eugene. The weather has turned to crap on us lately, but I guess I was feeling a little spoiled when I wrote the Haiku of the uncommitted cyclist. Now I am rellishing the idea of grabbing my helmet and rambling out onto the bi-ways.

    Thanks for the post on Gunner Palace. I will have to check that out.

  2. Oho! I missed that little geographic detail. Good to see another Oregonian!

    In that case, one great place to drive traffic to your blog is - it's a fantastic listing of Oregon and Oregon-related blogs. Get an account there and ping them when you update your blog. I'm amazed how many hits I get that show the referrer as ORblogs.