Wednesday, March 9

On the road again ...

I was back on the road again today doing another video equipment install. This week it was on the central coast.

I really enjoy these trips if for no other reason than it gives me some time to hang out with my always-entertaining co-worker Jim - both in the van on the road and then working with him on the actual installation on-site. Plus it helps me to keep current on what the state of the art is in videoconferencing. Never hurts to make sure one's skill set is as diverse as possible.

Two things of note this trip:

  1. Clear cuts - There were clear cuts everywhere. Every single hillside between and Florence looked to have at least one tract that had been clear cut. Most were hideously denuded, scarred by dirt tracks from the equipment and log trucks. It struck me as the ecological equivalent of road rash.

  2. Chowder - We were in Florence. At lunchtime. We had to stop at Mo's for lunch. After all, isn't that what you do in Florence? The verdict? It was good chowder, but Dooger's is better.


  1. I beg to differ with you about Dooger's being the best clam chowder. Delbert & I think that Dory Cove in Lincoln City has by far the best Clam Chowder on the Oregon Coast

  2. Hey now ... I never said Dooger's was the best. I just said it's better than Mo's. :-)