Tuesday, March 22

What he said

As usual, someone else found a way to say what I'm thinking better than I could ever hope to achieve. The editorials in the L.A. Times yesterday and especially today do a pretty good job of it.

The Midnight Coup

Republican leaders, eyeing an opportunity to appease their radical right-wing constituents, convened Congress over the weekend to shamelessly interject the federal government into the wrenching Schiavo family dispute. They brushed aside our federalist system of government, which assigns the resolution of such disputes to state law, and state judges. Even President Bush flew back from his ranch to Washington on Sunday to be in on what amounts to a constitutional coup d'etat.

Life, Death and Cynical Grandstanding

I cannot remember a time when Congress and the president have acted with more egregious political opportunism and shameless trafficking in human misery than last weekend, leaping into the 15-year-long Terri Schiavo saga at the last possible moment as grandstanding defenders of the defenseless.

Although Schiavo's relatives on both sides of the issue are assuredly acting in good faith, national politicians certainly are not.

Please. Read them.

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  1. Those were excellent, and I just posted the link to today's on my own blog.