Thursday, March 31

A little technical business

Two things:

  1. I updated my RSS feed to use FeedBurner. Mostly just because I'd like to see how many users are reading my blathering. :-)

    So those of you out there reading off the RSS feed, please update the RSS URL to:

    If you're not using RSS and would like to start, click on the appropriate link to subscribe:
        Subscribe in NewsGator Online  

  2. Blogspot seems to be barfing badly today. I had written a nice long post only to have it get eaten by a server timeout. <grumble> Is anyone else having problems with really slow page loads here?


  1. I've noticed blogspot is always slow. That's why I switched to Squarespace. By the way, I found you riding the Long Tail

  2. I haven't had any problems until the last couple of days ... weird.