Wednesday, April 6


Does anyone find this ironic?

NPR was doing interviews with some of the protectors on the street outside hospice facility the day she died. They were talking about how they were sad that she died, but that they were happy that she is "in a better place" now.

Hang on a second ... half an hour before you were screaming to keep her brain-dead body alive, but now you're happy she's gone?

Umm. Yeah. Whatever. Go to hell you hypocritical fanatics.

Also, has anyone wondered what would have happened it the Pope had lingered on for 15 years in a vegetative state?


  1. the Pope died with the feeding tube in.. maybe if they removed it he would have lived another 14 days

  2. Thats sort of what I was saying. Why are all the Christians wanting the Pope (and Terri) to live. Shouldnt they be happy about them going to see the Lord and enjoying all the treasures in Heaven?

  3. I was looking forward to the Church having to deal with the dilema of a comotose Pope. Unfortunately, John Paul refused treatment and died quickly, supposedly remaining alert the entire time. I wonder how much he actually declined treatment versus how pressured he was to die quickly and efficiently. The Church is backing itself in a corner, and they'll wriggle as much as possible to avoid dealing with it.

  4. Ya the same thing that has happened for the last five years, nothing! He would lay there unable to talk and not do anything.
    So there really wouldn't be much of a change at all.