Wednesday, April 6

More photos!

I took the borrowed Canon EOS Digital Rebel to a friend's wedding this weekend.

I took approximately 190 pictures, the vast majority of which I am quite happy with. Since the bride and groom are off in Hawaii on their honeymoon, I won't post the people pix here without their approval. I will, however, post a few of the images of the cathedral itself.


The light in that building is unbelievable. I've never shot any location quite like it. The golden quality of it is simply breathtaking.

Choir loft

The wedding was beautiful and perfect. The bride and groom, fortunately, did not find out the Pope died minutes after the ceremony (while we were all taking pictures). I'll post more pics provided the people in them give me permission.


  1. That is a lovely church - And looks like your friends had beautiful weather for their wedding!