Tuesday, April 19

What's in a name?

I'm not going to bother commenting on the continuation of the stampede off the conservative cliff, but I do think that Cardinal Ratzinger's choice in names is ... amusing, considering his political leaning:


A newly married man who was previously considered a confirmed bachelor.

Err. Yeah. Let's get all those priests married off right quick!

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  1. I found it really funny when the former Hitler Youth took on the name Benedict, because I was once in a band with a lead singer with that last name. We used to joke that his full name was "Howlong Haveyou Benedict". Once the inside joke took, we just shortened it and called him "Bene" (pronounced "Been a").

    Nice to find another Blogger out here in central Cascadia. Hawthorne's a lovely place. I'm out here in the Progress area of Beaverton. Caught whiff of you from the blogroll on "Jesus Was Not A Republican" and just had to stop on by.