Monday, April 11

P O P ! ! !

Pardon the mess. I think my head just exploded.

Some M$ drone down at the helpdesk has the gall to whine that the streamed video from this morning is not available in a FOURTH format. What the hell do they want? They want me to drive down to their office, pick them up in a limo and deliver them to a theater where we will be projecting the completely content-free hearing on the big screen in Technicolor and THX surround sound? After all, only offering it in a paltry three formats is grossly negligent and simply can not be tolerated!

Solution pending, peon sysadmin valiantly trying to refrain from making sure the solution consists of toxic, explosive or painfully sharp and pointy components.

1 comment:

  1. The fourth format should be a transcript of the video, right? People like that don't deserve bandwidth.