Friday, April 15

More on Li v. Oregon

So I started this as a reply to Andy and Pablo below, but it started to look like a real post, so I'll put it here instead.

The "separate but equal" argument seems, to a layman like me, to be the strongest argument and the argument most likely to gain traction in the minds of the voting public. The importance of the concept and its meaning to the civil rights movement has been drilled into the heads of anyone who attended public school in the US since the late 60's.

As Pablo (welcome Pablo!) mentions in his blog, the decision did have embedded in it what could be considered a recipe for how to properly present the equal benefits argument. So while the Court may have slapped the good guys down pretty hard, they did also seem to offer up an alternative strategy on a silver platter.

Here's to hoping. Frankly, I'm proud that my years of monthly contributions to Basic Rights Oregon are helping to fund cases like this. Y'all hear me? We'll keep contributing as long as you keep fighting!

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  1. That's the spirit. Keep on giving, keep on hoping. Eyes on the prize! Never take your eyes off the prize...