Monday, August 22

An eventful weekend

It was a glorious weekend full of happiness and love, and packed with all sorts of things I have never seen or done before.

Things I have never done before:
  • Attended a legally-recognized same-sex marriage.
  • Traveled east of Montreal.
  • Stayed in a four star hotel.
  • Ordered room service.
  • Drank someting from a hotel room mini-bar.
  • Seen Lake Michigan
  • Been to Chicago (OK, does crossing between terminals in O'Hare count as "being in" Chicago?).
  • IMG_1253
  • Walked through the deeply moving Holocaust memorial across the street from Boston City Hall (You NEED to see this).
  • Eaten at Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage on Harvard Square
  • Held a chuppah pole.
  • Been lost in a city that does not even remotely resemble a grid.
  • Eaten Earl Grey ice cream (yummy!).
  • Traveled 3000 miles to meet someone who lives in my own neighborhood.
  • Fan-Tastic!
  • Seen the sun rise over an ocean (what can I say ... I'm a West Coast type to the core).
  • Head a poem perfomed live about an octopus.
  • Seen an improv fan dance to a Pink Matrtini tune.

Things I have learned first-hand this weekend:
  • Apparently one must sneak up on the U.S.S. Constitution in order to see her. Mental note for next trip: pack ninja outfit.
  • John Hancock has an entirely onomatopoeic name.
  • The ability to say tongue-twisters can earn you cookies from a ghost.
  • Boston cabbies are far friendlier than Tri-Met security guards at PDX. (What ever happened to "Portland Polite"?)
  • A chuppah pole does 1d6+1 (does it get a bonus for being a religious object?)
  • The Blazers did not manage to get rid of Z-Bo before he picked up a drug-using entourage.
  • Finally learned what museumgirl, shanamadele, fawnapril, and pnsm really look like in person.

And, most important of all:
  • Sometimes two brides are better than one.

The happy couple
Congratulations Kaphine and RealSuperGirl!


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  2. Um, what edition of the rules are you using? I thought staves got 1d6 in 3rd edition. Or are you already adding in a bonus because it's a religious object? (BTW, the idea that objects can be imbued with holiness doesn't really exist in Judaism. The Golem is a good example of what happens when you try to do that.) If there is a bonus, do you have to be a cleric to take advantage of it?

    (Still catching up.... I think I'm really glad I missed the offensive comment.)

  3. Can I have a specialization in chuppah-pole combat?