Wednesday, August 17

My propeller beanie is spinning like mad!

All right ... I'm just absolutely totally jazzed. A whitepaper on one of my systems was posted on Slashdot's front page (!!!) today:

Oregon Government Supporting Open Source

The State's Department of Administrative Services released a white paper detailing their use of Asterisk for audio conferencing for more than 500 conferences a week. The set-up includes a web-based interface for judges to manage recording the hearings.

That's ME! I wrote half that damn whitepaper and I wrote the Asterisk modifications and the entire web interface.

DAMN it feels good for the first time in more than ten years with this organization my co-workers and I finally get some public acknowledgment - even if it is on an uber-geeky news site read only by other geeks.

I still get bragging rights among my geekoid friends .... and that's what really matters!


  1. Congrats! You deserve some bragging rights for all you do for us!


  2. nerd clout is the best. I didn't get to that paper, but I tried to encourage our IT folks to attend.