Monday, August 1

Children in Darfur

These are totally amazing. I heard this story on Morning Addiction today about some children from Darfur.

Apparently some Human Rights Watch workers were in a Sudanese refugee camp interviewing some of the refugees who fled the genocide in the Darfur region. They had given the kids some crayons and paper to amuse themselves while they were interviewing the adults. Without any prompting at all, they drew these pictures - a graphic testimony to accompany their parents' testimony.

The pictures are so realistic that one expert said he could accurately identify what various kinds of rifle were being used (an AK-47 with a folding stock and a Belgian FN FAL) and what kind of aircraft was bombing them (old Soviet-built MIG jets).

Leila, Age 9

Human Rights Watch: What is going on here?
Leila: My hut burning after being hit by a bomb.
Human Rights Watch: And here? [Pointing to the drawing of what looks like an upside-down woman]
Leila: It’s a woman. She is dead.
Human Rights Watch: Why is her face colored in red?
Leila: Oh, because she has been shot in the face.

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  1. What a terrible shame. These poor children live in dangerous, violent, poverty-stricken environments. But hey, let's talk about something more important, like saving embryos!