Saturday, July 30

If not for the Infield Fly Rule ...

... I would never have:

  • Heard a magnificent rendition of the national anthem sung by the incomparable TRP

  • Seen that Mrs. Swankette does not throw like a girl. Note to self - extreme care should be observed within 90' of her presence regarding "shmutz."

  • Known that I was not the only groom to have his voice catch while standing at the altar. Who said men aren't allowed to be emotional? Hah!

  • Learned that life, the Trinity, and baseball really do have a striking ... err ... yeah ... surprising number of parallels.

  • Made a new friend in Idaho.

  • Hear a person I'd only just met say, "Has [female person] ever told you about the guy who shaved his legs with her razor?" and then respond to my denial with, "Oh. Never mind."

  • Discovered that a wardrobe malfunction can be solved with camouflage pants.

  • Found the one man in the world who could sing this song to his bride on their wedding day and survive the experience.

  • Attended the founding of a potential revolutionary cell complete with coffee-spewing shower heads.

  • Appreciated the irony of an agnostic guy and a Jewish woman ushering people to receive communion.

  • Heard an impromptu a cappella concert in the middle of the night on a sidewalk overlooking Puget Sound.

What has the Infield Fly Rule done for you lately?


  1. "Appreciated the irony of an agnostic guy and a Jewish woman ushering people to receive communion."

    Actually, it's pretty convenient as you weren't busy taking communion yourselves.

    But gawd, what a wonderful day Saturday was!!!! I've got the best friends, the best extended acquired family, and still no understanding of the infield fly rule.

  2. True, but we also are the two people least likely to know how it all is supposed to happen. :-)

  3. The distance from the pitching rubber to home plate is 60'6". You're currently safe at 90', but give me time. :)