Tuesday, July 19

Goodbye Roe?

So. The Nominee is ....

John G. Roberts, Jr.

I can't say I can find much about his political leanings beyond this (Wikipedia is my friend):
In a brief before the Supreme Court (Brief for the Respondent at 13, Rust v. Sullivan, 500 US 173, 1991), he stated, "we continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

Ouch. That's not a good sign.

That aside, I am greatly disappointed to see the nominee is a white male. George II has chosen once again to take a regressive step when he could have chosen to at least stay level (with a female nominee) or even moved forward (with a non-Caucasian nominee).

But he didn't.

Why am I not surprised?


  1. That was my initial reaction. He looks pretty white. Replacing a woman? No Hispanic? Hmmm!
    Mover Mike

  2. Although Bush is terrible about welcoming diversity of opinion, he's actually pretty good (in his cabinet, appointments, etc.) about racial diversity. I'm willing to throw him a mulligan for this white male.

  3. Wikipedia missed that he's also a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association. I understand that it is difficult to find unbiased nominees, but this guy seems to be far from that. I guess these are the spoils.

    My friend spent a fair amount of time working to stop mountain-top mining in West Virgina. I'm sure he's more upset than most.