Friday, July 1

Impending cloud of doom

I just heard on NPR that Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down. O'Connor?! With William Rehnquist's likely departure, that provides George II with not one (as we feared) but two seats on the Supreme Court to fill with his hyperconservative neocon zealots. 20% of one of the most powerful bodies in the nation. His (or more likely Rove's) choices for the replacement justices have the capacity for doing deeper and more lasting damage than anything else George II has done up until now.

Senator Wyden, here's to you and your compatriots in the Senate filibustering your endearingly-geeky lisping heart out, because the filibuster is about all stands in the way of the dissolution of whatever semblance of open honest government by the people we have left.

Wanna bet Frist's gonna trot out his little nuke again?

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