Saturday, July 9

More eloquent than I ...

I've been unsuccessfully trying for the past few days to find a way of expressing my feelings about the terrorist bombings in London this week. Invariably, everything I came up with sounded too much like the "blame the victim" tactics so often used in rape trials, and equally unfair. Fortunately, there are others out there who are far more eloquent than I could hope to be:

Why do Americans think it is heroic and honorable for our troops to massacre Iraqis with bombs, missiles, gunships, tanks, and heavy machine guns, but cowardly and barbaric when our victims fight back in the only way they can?

The US and Britain started this fight, not Iraq. We should be ashamed that Bush and Blair deceived us, tricked us into a pointless and unjust war, and that innocent people on both sides are paying with their lives and limbs for Bush's and Blair's lies. Our real anger should be directed at Bush and Blair who are responsible for the deaths and destruction.

The American and British people had better wake up, depose their immoral leaders, and put a halt to this war.

Who said this? A Reagan appointee: Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Thanks to The Rambling Taoist for pointing me at this little gem.

The economic, social, and military imperialism that the US and its allies have inflicted upon the rest of the world are feeding this hatred. They don't hate "our freedom" as the fear-mongers in D.C. so love to claim, they hate us because we bomb their cities, kill their children and oppress their peoples. We prop up petty dictators, we fund assassinations, we tear down governments, we destabilize vast regions of the globe for selfish short term political or economic gains. We have declared open war on an enemy that is so poorly-defined that it has given our leaders carte blanche to attack anyone they wish, regardless of their actual guilt or innocence, with only the flimsiest of excuses.

They don't hate us because we're free. They hate us because we're killing them indiscriminately!

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