Monday, July 4

"Enough is enough. I quit."

In an attempt to lighten an exceedingly-gloomy holiday weekend (sorry, patriotism is not exactly my cup of tea these days), I stumbled onto this editorial today:

The party's over for betrayed Republican

Yes, there really are Republicans (and ex-Republicans) out there who still believe in the Party of Lincoln and Hatfield. It's easy to forget that in these days of extremist political dogma and ideological witch-hunts. There are real human beings who can believe in taking a conservative path while being open and willing to do what's right and reasonable.

Thank you Mr. Chaney for standing up and speaking your mind so eloquently. I may not agree with many of your beliefs, but I damn sure that if there were more people like you leading the Republican party this nation would be a hell of a lot better off - real cooperation and compromise in the legislative halls, a focusing of our collective efforts on important things like keeping our species from killing itself (and taking the rest of the planet with it) instead of persecuting our own citizens for who they want to live with or how they choose to die.

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