Friday, July 1

Visions of 2008

Thousands of internees all lined up in our gray paper coveralls in the cafeteria of the Liberal Re-Education Camp in the ANWAR oil fields on Alaska's North Slope (established after Justice Alberto Gonzales cast the deciding vote in the landmark Guantanamo Decision back in 2005). We're suffering through our mandatory thrice-daily patriotic dose of Fox News while we choke down McMeat & McPotatoes (ketchup is too a vegetable!). Patriotic music ("I'm proud to be an UhMurkin ... ") blares from the always-on giant screen televisions on all four walls. The huge glowing screens show Chief Justice Rehnquist's cold gray hands (he's not dead, he has a feeding tube!) placing the Federal Crown on George II's head. Karl Rove stands behind him (shh! He's not really there - you can't see him!) struggling against the rigor to guide the mortified Chief Justice's hands while Justices Scalia and Thomas applaud along with the rest of the Royal Council. In the background, flags wave over the still-radioactive rubble of the Senate chambers left over from the Frist Filibuster Buster Incident several years back.

After dinner, the daily Loyalty Oath. Here's to hoping we don't all get shipped off to the uranium strip mines in Colorado ...

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