Thursday, August 25

Sad and Angry

I am both very sad and very angry this morning.

I am disgusted that a spiteful, mean-spirited, ignorant, hateful troll has posted a comment on this blog that maligned the marriage of two of the most intelligent and loving people I know. A marriage that is recognized both legally by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and spiritually by ordained clergy. A marriage that has been far too long in coming. A marriage that not only does no harm but increases and reinforces the love in this world.

There is already too much hate and spite and ignorance in the world. I will not allow comments on this blog to be used as a venue to spread such poison. Go back to your kennel and exercise your First Amendment rights there if you must. Better yet, try opening your eyes a bit and learn that there is more to life and love and marriage than some arbitrary ratio of X and Y chromosomes.


  1. How weak must a marriage be if two complete strangers getting married poses a threat to it?

    How sad must it be to live in a world so fragile?

    Hooray for kaphine and realsupergirl, and Massachusetts, Canada, Spain, and enlightened clergy...

  2. Greg,

    Give Kaphine and RealSuperGirl my love, even though they don't know me all that well.


  3. So sorry this happened Greg!

    Your posts meant so much to me personally--thanks for posting them.

    Folks in straight / opposite gender relationships don't have to speak out--we could easily take the privilege of not having to deal with crap like this. Thanks for putting yourself out there a bit. :)

  4. Damn.

    I've been mulling over how routine the K/RSG nuptials was. I mean this in a complimentary way. This was my first gay wedding, and like an idiot, I was expecting it to somehow feel different. It was different, but not because it was same-sex. It was different because of the unique personalities of K and RSG--exactly as it should be. Other than that, it felt like every other wedding I've ever been to.

    So I've been living for a week with this comfort of how we'll get to a world where this will be as ordinary as it should be.

    But, like the rabbi said, it's not ordinary. It's a political statement that will promote a bunch of irrational anger in a portion of the population. That sucks.

    Kaphine and RealSuperGirl:

    We've got your back. I'VE got your back. Keep on loving each other. We'll love you too.