Thursday, May 26

Ahem ....

I was just looking over the logs here. How is it that a full 60% of you reading this blog are still using Internet Explorer?

I hang my head in shame and relinquish my propeller cap of geek-ness. To think I have allowed so many of my friends to continue to use a browser so rife with security vulnerabilities that those of us in the tech business call it "Internet Exploder" (similarly, Outlook is known as "LookOut"). Microsoft's Internet applications are a worm/virus writer's/spammer's dream: zero security and root-level administrative access to your entire computer. I hope you don't do your banking on it ... do you? You might as well be standing across the street from the bank shouting out your social security number and account numbers on a bullhorn.

If you are using Internet Exploder to read this page right now: (and yes, I know who you are!)
  1. Install Firefox ( and set it to be your default web browser.

  2. Never ever touch that evil blue "e" on your computer again!

Hint - this site is designed to render on standards-compatible browsers. It does not look right on Internet Exploder and I will never fix that, since it would require me to completely kludge the code and enable friends to continue to use that disastrously insecure piece of garbage. Go get a real browser before I have to do something really drastic!


  1. that's surprisingly low though. Even considering all the mac users and people I've forced firefox on, I still have upwards of 80% IE usage.

  2. Just curious... What's your take on Safari?

  3. Safari is great. It's a relatively close sibling to Firefox/Mozilla.

    Apple gets security. OSX is pretty damn secure straight out of the box.

  4. It's also faster on a 400Mhz mac. It's been my default browser, and now at version 2 - it handles javascript much better.