Sunday, May 1

Qwest, you're fired!

Yup. You're outta here. Go whine at the camera from the back of some taxi cab, I'm done with you.

After far too many years of Qworst fscking up our bill, publishing info in the phone book that they were not supposed to, overcharging us, generally lousy service (including lying to us on more than one occasion), not switching our long distance carrier even after I went through that painfully long verification process ... I'm fed up. Done. Finis. The End. The landline is going away. Picked up two new cell phones on Friday. Our current number will be ringing on one of them by the end of the week.

For the same amount we spend every month on one friggin' phone line with voice mail from Qworst, we can get two cell phones with nationwide long distance and enough minutes for the (relatively small) number of calls we make from Cingular. No brainer. Checked this weekend, the phones work just fine from A's office in the basement of the house - nice strong signal. The phones were free since neither of us needs any of the fancy bells and whistles like a camera phone or wireless web access (pfft!) and if I ever someday decide to replace my aging Palm IIIxe, I can use a Trio with the service and not have to carry a separate PDA.

Qworst, you're outta here. Go to hell.

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