Friday, May 13

If I Had a Hammer

I am thoroughly disgusted.

This morning my alarm clock went off and NPR's Morning Edition started its daily attempt to jump-start my morning-phobic brain. At first I was not sure what I was listening to ... some sort of 60's protest flashback? Some guy with a banjo was singing "If I Had a Hammer". Except it sounded different, like they changed the lyrics or something. Then I realized the clip was from the entertainment at a dinner in honor of .

Oh shit. "The Hammer". Cute. Really fscking cute you neocon scum. Now I'll never be able to hear that song again without thinking about the unethical bastard who is up to his lily white neck in the brazen usurpation of our government and hijacking of our nation. You've forever corrupted an innocent little bit of American culture for your own selfish and completely immoral gain.

A minuscule thing really, compared to the hundreds of thousands of lives you've destroyed in Iraq and the millions of people back home you've screwed over in favor of your corporate masters and the untold damage you've done to our world in the name of short-term gain, but still ... yet one more thing that has been forever tainted by your self-serving greed.

1 comment:

  1. Twisted bastards. That song is about justice, freedom, and love, everything the neocons are opposed to.

    It's like when Republicans in the 80s tried to use "Born in the USA". Had they never actually listened to the song?? Idiots.