Wednesday, May 18

Now We're Cooking With Gas, Part Deux

Since Kaphine asked ... here's a pic of the new/old stove (pre-installation).

How geeky is that? I'm posting a pic of my stove on the web ...


  1. Cool - love the silver handles!

  2. Looks like a 36" model! Look inside the lower left-hand drawer for the safety shut-off valve that the building inspector will want to see, and the pilot shutoffs are located on the gas manifold pipe under the top, behind the knobs. They are little screws with tubes leading away from them; just turn them so the screw-slot is crossways and they're off.

    I gotta switch mine from natural gas to propane...

  3. Hey! Thanks Anonymous-person!

    It is a 36" model. The lower left "drawer" isn't really a drawer, it's all one door on the left side that opens up into the warming oven. In pictures I've seen of others, the safety valve is inside the warming oven (mid-way up the oven side of the wall). There's nothing there on mine. I suspect whoever converted it to propane removed it at that time. :-(