Friday, May 27


My apologies to my Opera using friends. My annoying "quit using IE" nag was incorrectly detecting Opera as MSIE. Opera is a fine browser that should not be persecuted for being smart enough to masquerade as MSIE so that it can access sites that insist on using IE-only code.

The nag has now been fixed so that it properly detects Opera and does not harass you unfairly. I hope your eyes aren't bleeding too badly ....

Those of you who are still seeing the obnoxious orange box to the right shouting "STOP!" well, I mean it! :-)


  1. Opera has the lamest browser interface(s) in the world. Some of the guys at work insist that it rocks and is sexy looking, but these are guys who didn't grow up with macs.

  2. While I'm not particularly fond of the interface myself, it was one of the first (the first?) to support tabbed browsing. Regardless, it's vastly better security-wise than Exploder, and certainly worthy of no nag screen. :-)